Why CCS?

A few things we’re great at


We carry traditional foundations of learning and teaching along with innovative ideas and creativity.


CCS teachers lead our students to see how the lesson at hand fits into God’s big picture and His purpose for their lives.


 We have an open door of communication between parents and teachers concerning the child’s best interests as well as easy online access to grades and important information. 


We strive to challenge students in a safe environment where there is respect for his/her individual dignity. We want them to think beyond just memorizing facts in order to develop problem-solving skills for the future.


CCS curriculum is chosen specifically and carefully to provide a well-balanced, solid foundation in all core subjects, best suitable for each class. We utilize computers, interactive technology, and online resources to prepare our students to be on the cutting edge of influence and productivity.


We take hands-on science seriously at CCS. Regularly scheduled science labs supplement classroom teaching for grades 1-5. Our Junior High students have access to a full lab where they perform dissections, blood-typing, chemistry labs, physics and engineering projects and much more!


CCS leverages technology to engage this generation of “digital natives”. In addition to Smartboards, Mimeos, overhead projectors and document cameras, CCS has been using iPads to enhance student learning in grades 1-8 with instant response class review games, IXL differentiated learning in math and language, opportunities to create multimedia projects, and much more. Junior High students bring their own iPads to school, use digital planners and have access to virtual classrooms which greatly aided our transition to remote learning during COVID. They have a full period of Computer Connections daily which includes instruction in typing skills, digital citizenship, MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.


CCS offers a variety of extracurricular activities. Students work closely with staff, coaches, and parents to learn new skills and to serve within a Christ-centered community. Our athletic department fields teams for cross-country, volleyball, cheerleading, basketball, soccer, and track. YDL athletics creates opportunities for participation starting in 3rd grade (1st grade for soccer!) Our Scholar’s Bowl team excels in regional competitions.