What Alumni are Saying

“I appreciate everything you do. Covenant gives a fantastic building block for high school, especially academically and spiritually. Students get a great foundation in Christ and become prepared for high school in each curriculum. Thank you!”

“I was taught by caring, genuinely interested teachers. Thank you to all who taught me. You mean the world to me.”

“CCS gave me the tools that I needed to be successful in the workplace and in life. One of the things that I can appreciate most is the strict standards academically and socially. CCS encouraged me to think for myself. I would not be the person I am today without this school.”

“Words aren’t expressing the deep love I have in my heart for Covenant School.. Covenant’s teachings created the foundations for mental strength, emotional resilience, and gracious attitude towards life. I’ve seen the value of hard work and perseverance.”

“CCS provides an incredible foundation in so many different areas.. spiritually, academically, athletically, and socially (life-long friendship). Because I had the opportunity to attend CCS, I had a solid foundation which allowed me to thrive in all of the areas listed above in high school / college and in general life! I really feel like I learned discipline.”

“In my experience at Covenant, we were taught to be faithful in the little and I saw the fruit of that discipline later on in high school and college where I thankfully had to skills and discipline to excel in my classes. I also felt so loved and cared for by all the staff members there. Students really felt important and valued. It was as if everyone was cheering for you.”

What Local High Schools are Saying

“We are eager to enroll every Covenant student we can get for several reasons. The first is that we find them fully prepared for the academic challenges awaiting them here. They have the necessary groundwork to excel in this rigorous environment. We also find that Covenant students provide more leadership because of their training in Biblical truth. Lastly, we have seen that Covenant students socially adapt to our student body in a confident and uplifting way.”

“Covenant students have played a major role in the history of our school. Covenant challenges their students academically and they are prepared to face the workload and course work of the freshman year. The incoming freshman have skills in the areas of technology, note taking, and study skills that many students lack. Covenant students are also very well rounded, excelling in leadership, athletics, and the arts. Covenant students also have a spiritual foundation that prepares them for our Bible classes, chapel, and small groups. Socially, Covenant students are very confident which allows them to adjust very quickly and more often than not assist others in the transition.”

What Prospective Families are Saying

“My family and I attended Covenant’s Open House and were very impressed with everything we saw while there. The parent participation, teacher’s enthusiasm and care for their students, the excellent facilities, sports, music/art, and extra-curricular activities, and an emphasis on mentoring are all things we would love for our girls to be a part of while getting a great education.”

“My son and I were really touched by your genuine concern today. Your passion showed through your actions. I initially stopped by your campus a day or so ago inquiring about your program. The lady at the office desk was very pleasurable and knowledgeable. She was friendly and eager to meet my son. Today when we arrived she addressed us by name. The testing instructor and learning center teacher also exceeded my expectations. The staff went above and beyond today and it means more than words can express. Our visit to CCS was very emotional. These 2 ladies in particular warmed our hearts. I can honestly say they are passionate and God sent. We were complete strangers to them, but they showed genuine concern and willingness to go the extra mile for my son. Before I ever stepped into CCS, I prayed and prayed and prayed some more that God would wrap His hands around my son’s education, that He would place him somewhere with people who really cared. Your school was the 3rd school I visited, and none touched our hearts the way Covenant Christian School did. Our prayers were answered.”

What Current Parents are Saying

“We are so incredibly thankful to have spent the last three years at Covenant! This school is a shining example of the gospel – the love, grace, and devotion to Jesus, upholding His name in all things. We have really felt included in this sweet community. Thank you to all teachers, staff, and administration for making our time in Mobile so special!”

“Our first year at CCS has been amazing! The staff, principal, volunteers, and other parents have made our family feel so welcome & loved. God’s presence can be felt as soon as you walk on campus. It’s incredible! Our boys (ages 4 & 6) wake up so excited to go to school each morning. Their teachers are constantly encouraging them, challenging them, and praying for them. It is really amazing to watch them grow as they learn in their classrooms and ask questions about Jesus. We’re so blessed to be a part of the CCS family.”

“Covenant is undoubtedly one of the BEST schools to nurture, teach, and prepare children for the future!”

“Our kids have been at CCS for over 6 years and we have loved each year. The quality of academics is very high. The music, art, and athletic opportunities available for students is impressive for a school of their size. The kids leave CCS highly prepared for high school and beyond, which is something I hear often from teachers of other schools. Best of all, it really feels like a family.”

“We love CCS! Top notch academics, solid preparation for high school and college, and great art, music, and athletic programs all on a very Biblical foundation. Teachers are caring and the parents are supportive.”

“Covenant Christian School is an outstanding school that truly lives up to its mission statement, ‘to graduate students who are prepared to understand their world, to communicate with their world, and to influence their world for Christ through servant-leadership.’ The education my children have received has been far greater than I could ask. The love each person on staff has for the kids and for the Lord is evident as you walk on campus. You truly are part of the Covenant family. I am forever grateful for this amazing school.”