Our purpose is dual. First and foremost, we desire to honor Jesus Christ, his person, his death and resurrection. He is risen! Secondly, we take academic subjects seriously. Our mission is to graduate students who are prepared to understand their world, to communicate with their world, and to influence their world for Jesus Christ through servant leadership.

Our curriculum is designed to give solid foundations for our students. We realize that our place in the educational process is preparation for what comes next. Taking our math, reading and writing as essential parts to a quality education, our teachers work diligently to prepare our students for high school and beyond. Different publishers are chosen for different subjects in order to fit the strength of the text books to our goals for our students. Feel free to set up an appointment to see our standardized test scores.

Research and common sense agree that a key factor in student success is parent involvement. The number one way for parents to encourage success for their students in school is to spend fifteen minutes helping their child each night. The second most effective way for parents to affect their child’s educational success is to show up on campus. CCS has an open door for parents to become involved and the effect is evident.

Each classroom teacher has a set of four or five rules that set the behavioral standards for his or her class. Most discipline is handled at the classroom level. We believe that relationship creates a more effective context for discipline. Routines, procedures, rewards, and consequences all combine as part of the training process. As teachers and staff create a caring context for growth, correction without rejection takes place. Students become disciples and the end result becomes a responsive heart.

Love God. Love others. According to Jesus, that sums up the law and prophets. We have discovered that our joy is connected to these two commands. Families, students, staff members: all are called to do these two things. Learning to serve is part of the education at CCS. An educated man or woman uses his/her abilities to serve others. That is the purpose of a true education.