CCS is intentional in upholding the truth that each individual on campus bears God’s image and is a unique creation.

 We are dedicated to meeting the spiritual, academic, physical, and social needs of the students in harmony with our  mission statement

Office Staff

Our leadership and office staff work hard to ensure your child is well cared for.

Dr. Tim Howard

Ramona O’Brien

Dionne Baggett

Amy Hannaman


Our nurturing kindergarten teachers balance play and learning as your little ones begin their journey in school.

Brandee Salva

Theresa Buckalew

Jessica Sullivan

Meg Pittman

Celeste Westbrook

Paige McLaughlin


Our elementary teachers give your child a solid foundation in core subjects and Biblical truths. 

AnMarie Lane

Nicole Staples

Melanie Leege

Julie Matheny

Morgan Walden

Cheryl Trotter

Hilary McNeill

Junior High

Our junior high team prepares students for high school by stressing strong academics, personal responsibility, spiritual growth, and technology skills.

Special Classes

Our fine arts, PE, library and foreign language program teachers nurture talent and provide opportunities for students to find their gifts outside of the classroom.

Cassidy Hasty

Vanessa Fowler

Dana Neese

Learning Center

Our tutor and Discovery Therapist can be contracted to provide additional services for students with documented learning disabilities.

Support Staff

AfterCare Staff

Keshia Wright