iPad Basics

Apple ID

What is an Apple ID and why do I need one?

An Apple ID is a valid email address and a password that I would think twice about giving to your student. Your child may need your AppleID password to use their iPad after an update … so tell them NOT to install updates at school if they do not have the password. You may associate your Apple ID with multiple devices and computers (combined), so if you already have one, you do not necessarily need a new one for your child’s iPad.Apple IDs contain user personal information and settings. Apple ID gives users access to buying (or downloading for free) resources such as apps, e-books, digital textbooks and music.

How much are these apps going to cost me?

The list of Core Apps that we are asking you to install are all free downloads. The Microsoft suite of apps will not work until your student enters their Microsoft 365 for Education id and password which the school will provide.

Why do I have to enter my credit card number then?

You don’t. It is possible to circumvent the credit card number entry and create an Apple ID without giving Apple your financial information.

Connect to WiFi

Staff will provide passwords to the CCS student wifi network on the first day of school or at the help meeting before school begins.  

Please note, ONLY student iPads may join this secure network. Visitors are not invited to access it because their digital traffic diminishes the quality of network access for students.

At home, the iPad will need access to your home wifi network. 

Free wifi is available at the Mobile Public Library. No library card number or pin are necessary. Just connect to LIBRARY NAME (i.e. Main Guest) GUEST WI FI. When the policy screen appears, read the text and touch “I Agree” to begin. 

There are numerous other locations where free wifi is available. However, please note that there is a risk with free public wifi that the data transfer is not secure. 


Please note: it is important to make a note of your passwords to 1) the lockscreen and 2) the Restrictions settings. If you are unable to remember your passcode, you may have to reset your device to factory settings.  

Note: There is an Apple option to ERASE ALL THE DATA from your device if the passcode is entered incorrectly 10 times. We recommend that you DISABLE this feature which could cause you a lot of grief.

iOS 14.4 or Later

In order for all classroom apps to run, please update to iOS 14.4 (or later) if the iPad you chose does not ship with it pre-installed.  

1. Choose Settings from your Home screen

2. Tap on General.

3. Tap on Software Update (top right)

4. Tap on Download and Install

To view the iOS version currently installed on your device, click Settings – General – About