iPad Accessories

Keep in Mind

Students are solely responsible for their device. They must bring it fully charged to school. Similar to other personally owned items, Covenant Christian School cannot be liable for loss, damage, misuse, or theft. We recommend  a sturdy case (with a hard cover for the screen when it is not in use), a device that is permanently labelled with student name, and the use of location services so the device can be tracked. 

Suggested Accessories

Below is a list of suggested accessories for your student’s iPad. Remember your student is responsible for their device and accessories. It is also their responsibility to set up and connect any accessories they plan on using at school.

*The “BUY” links below are quick suggestions to other stores. CCS does not supply iPad accessories for purchase.

iPad Case

There are many cases out there to choose from. Cute designs and top quality protection are available at stores like Apple, Walmart, Target, Best Buy, Amazon and more. Make sure the case you choose fits the iPad model you have.

Portable Charger & USB-C

What if your student forgets to charge the device overnight? Oops! Not to worry, a handy potable charger with a USB-C cable in their backpack will see them through the day. Just remember to charge the charger too!


A stylus is like a digital pen to assist student in writing on screen. You can get them at Dollar General. An Apple Pencil is an extremely useful stylus that works with only the indicated iPads on the buying guide . 

Earbuds (w/out Microphone)

Do you want to play back your multimedia presentation quietly or watch a helpful Khan Academy math video in study hall? We strongly urge each student to have a pair of earbuds labeled with his/her name.

Bluetooth Keyboard

Teachers have observed students making effective use of bluetooth keyboards to take notes during class and produce other documents.  Some iPad cases even have built in keyboards! This is a completely optional add-on, but it may be highly beneficial for your student.