Fundraiser 2019

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General Information

During the months of October and November, CCS conducted our annual Fundraiser, asking for your support for our school, our students, and the future.

For the current year, we focused on upgrades in four critical areas: Technology, Security, Facilities, and Athletics.

You can donate at any time during the year using this link.

Fundraiser Results

Here are our fundraiser highlights:
• Total Money Raised: $40,632.53
• Total Money Collected: $39,781.53

Prize winners of weekly incentives:
• 1st week prize – Middleton Farms – Heath family
• 2nd week prize – Milkshake at Lunch – Venatta family
• 3rd week prize – Movie Snack Bucket – Pittman family
• 4th week prize – Choice Lunch – Hoach family
• Grand Prize – Professional Photo Session – Walther family

Each class that reached 100% participation in the fundraiser received a Popsicle Party at recess time. Those classes were: K3 – Sullivan, K5 – Matheny, 3rd – Hollstein, 4th – Murphy, 8th – Harvey, and 8th – Howard.

The classroom that had the highest percentage of students that reached their goal was Ms. Murphy’s 4th grade class! They received a pizza party!

Congratulations to all of our winners!! A big thanks to everyone who participated and helped make this a successful fundraiser. We had a wonderful Family Fun Day at Camp Grace and now we are ready to put the money raised to good use.  We depend on our parents, grandparents, alumni, and friends to contribute to our Annual Fund campaign to reach our goals!  Thank you for helping to make this a successful fundraiser for CCS.