Fall Fundraiser 2019

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All donations are tax-deductible.

If prompted, please send payment to covenantschool@yahoo.com. 

We truly appreciate any and all donations to Covenant Christian School!

General Fundraiser Information

During the month of October, CCS will be conducting our Fall Fundraiser, asking for your support for our school, our students, and the future.  Please give generously!

Our Present

  • Daily Bible lessons and weekly chapels
  • Physical education classes
  • Weekly music, art, and Spanish lessons
  • Curriculum-based field trips
  • Supportive family-teacher partnership
  • Library with over 6,000 age-appropriate titles
  • Developmentally appropriate activities
  • Strong language and reading instruction
  • Hands-on math programs
  • Computer training
  • Qualified Christian teachers
  • Winning athletic program

Our Future

UNLIMITED!  With your help, we can build on our present and turn it into a future with the very top quality opportunities for our children.  We envision a Covenant Christian School that is the peer of any school in our area, with our children going from here to the very best high schools and on to the colleges and universities to which they aspire.

For the current year, we are focusing on upgrades in four critical areas: technology, security, facilities, and athletics.

But we can’t do it without you!  We depend on our parents, grandparents, alumni, and friends to contribute to our Annual Fund campaign to reach our goals!

We ask that you give at your highest potential using this Donation Card.

If you are a corporate sponsor, please use this Corporate Donation Form.

Information for Current Families

The fundraiser runs through November 15thThis Fundraiser Packet contains helpful information about why we have the fundraiser and how to submit your family’s progress over the next few weeks.

For our school to meet its commitment to grow into the future, we have identified four areas that would benefit from improvements and further development during this school year.

  • Facilities – We want to make appropriate improvements to our campus and facilities by making sure that we provide a physical environment conducive to participation and excellence.
  • Athletics – We want to offer every student the ability to participate in at least one sport so they can test their abilities and develop physical abilities, healthy attitudes, team-work, and leadership skills. Additionally, we would like to make a few playground improvements.
  • Security – We want the safety of our students and staff to continue to be a top priority. Last year’s fundraising money was used to install an updated phone and intercom system.  This has been a huge step forward in campus communications.
  • Technology – We intend to provide cutting-edge technology in every classroom, helping our teachers help our students to be prepared to succeed in our rapidly changing world.

Each CCS family is being asked to raise or contribute $200 or more during the next few weeks.  You can ask family members and friends to help you meet your goal.  This goal is per family not per student.  Enclosed you will find a donation card, a corporate donation form, and a t-shirt order form.  Below you will find general information about this year’s fundraiser.  We have just been notified that a generous donor has offered $10,000 of matching funds!  Every dollar raised up to that amount will be doubled!  Keep that in mind as you meet your family goal!

  • As you receive donations or pledges, turn in the Donation Card each week, noting the amount of the donation or pledge. Submit the card for the family; not each student in the family.  Once the goal of $200 is met, you do not have to submit another card.  You can donate or pledge the entire $200 or more the first week and then not send in the card the remainder of the weeks unless you receive additional donations or pledges.  The pledge card helps us track progress towards our overall goal.
  • Weekly prizes will be awarded to the students based on submitted donations and pledges.
  • Donations collected can be submitted to the office at any time during the fundraiser. All pledged money is due in the office no later than Monday, November 18th.
  • We encourage you to contact businesses or your place of employment regarding corporate donations. Corporate donations start at $100.  The business will receive recognition through our school’s website and our Facebook page.  Also, a banner will be created a recognizing our corporate sponsors.  (The deadline to be included on the banner is Friday, November 8th.)
  • All donations, both individual and corporate, are tax-deductible.
  • Mark your calendars!!  To celebrate the success of the fundraiser, all parents, students, and younger siblings are invited to Camp Grace on November 22nd from 8:30-12:00 for a Family Fun Day!  Details about this event will be available in the coming weeks.
  • The Tshirt Order Form enables you to order an optional Family Fun Day t-shirt for your student(s) and yourself if desired. Shirts will arrive in time to be worn on the Family Fun Day.  The t-shirt order form and money must be turned in by Friday, October 25th.  If you choose not to order a fundraiser t-shirt for your student, he or she must wear their PE uniform/field trip t-shirt on Family Fun Day.

Prizes are being offered as incentives to encourage participation from families and students.

  • Each week that your child submits a donation of any amount, he or she receives an Out-of-Uniform Day on Friday of the same week. Once your family reaches the $200 goal, your student will be allowed to be out of uniform every Friday for the duration of the fundraiser, ending November 15th.
  • The Wooly Boogers have returned!  With the submission of a student’s first $10 donation or pledge, a Wooly Booger will be delivered to him or her on Wednesday or Friday, depending on when the donation or pledge is submitted.
  • Once the family has reached their goal amount of $200, the student receives a special edition Wooly Booger Eagle. For every $100 over the family goal, each student in your family will receive an additional specialty Wooly Booger.  Your student could end up with a whole Wooly Booger family!
  • Each family receives one ticket entry in the drawing for every $20 donation. More money donated increases your students’ chances of winning the weekly prize.  On Tuesday of each week, the winner from the weekly drawing will be announced.
    • Oct 22nd – Middleton Farms Pumpkin Patch for a family of 4
    • Oct 29th – Milkshakes at Lunch
    • Nov 5th – Movie Basket
    • Nov 12th – Lunch from a choice of select places
  • The grand prize is a family photoshoot from a professional photographer! The grand prize drawing will be held at the Family Fun Day on Friday, November 22nd!  For the grand prize, each family qualifies for one ticket for every $20 donation.  Those tickets increase your chances of winning the grand prize drawing.
  • If your child’s class attains 100% family participation, the entire class will get a Popsicle Party! Even if your family is not able to raise the full $200, please participate with any amount so that the whole class can enjoy this fun prize.

We look forward to a terrific and successful Fall Fundraiser!  As we continue to educate our students to become prepared and well equipped for the future, we are excited to be able to offer the opportunity for all of you to contribute towards improvements at CCS.  As we plan for the future, we hope that all of you can be a part of our school’s growth and our goal:  educating students and impacting young lives, equipping them to step into their future with faith and confidence.

As always, if you have any questions, please contact the front office at 251-633-8055.