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Here is a copy of the 2017/18 School Calendar.
Updates & details of school events & holidays are available from our ParentsWeb.



An education in the arts stimulates the imagination, develops self-esteem and encourages openness towards the opinions of others. Visual Art offers opportunities to students that are not available through other subjects alone. Since Art is connected to every subject in a school’s curriculum, the problem solving and creative learning found in the visual arts will help students connect to other subjects and to respond with innovation, understanding and flexibility, through their creative experiences.

Also, with its unique and natural relationship to music, our art and music departments work together to support one another. At Covenant Christian School, we offer a complete art education allowing involvement with students, staff and our community.

During the year our classes participate in outreaches to the community and participate in local and regional art competitions.  Our art department can be called “Award Winning”, because many of our students place or earn an honorable mention in these competitions.  Each year during our annual Grandparents’ Day, the art department hosts an art exhibit highlighting samples of student projects that have been done throughout the year.

Check this out!!  Each year during the weeks leading up to the Christmas season, our school’s art art students make two Christmas ornaments during their weekly art class.  This year’s ornaments are entitlart-tree-at-starbucksed, “A Fine Christmas Blend, Vintage 1950’s.”  One of their ornaments is being shared with our Mobile community at the Starbucks Coffee Shop (Hillcrest & Grelot) on our school’s special Starbucks Christmas Tree until 12/30.  Their other ornament is on one of two Christmas trees on our school campus, either in the school office or in the school cafeteria.  Stop by and enjoy our student’s handiwork!!



Current News!! – We have just finished our annual book fair and it was very successful! We were able to raise over $2000 for our library!  The library continues to provide quality books for your children to enjoy.

Click on the link to view a brief video that highlights the big dreams that can be realized through family reading.

  • Grades K4-5th visit the library once per week for library business and reading time.
  • Students 1st – 5th are allowed to check out books any time during the week with permission from their teacher.  As a class, they also enjoy a once a week visit to the library.
  • Junior High students are allowed to come to the library during Computer Connections class and during study hall, as needed.

Most teachers require a certain number of AR books and a literacy skills book each quarter.  AR & literacy skills quizzes are taken on each book the student reads.

Please keep the following in mind as you are choosing books with your child from sources other than the school library:

  1. Non-fiction books are more difficult and should be chosen from the lower end of the child’s range.
  2. Literacy skills tests check more for reasoning ability than an AR test, which leans more toward facts and comprehension. This makes the literacy skills test more difficult; therefore this book should also come from the lower end of your child’s reading range.
  3. We are happy to assist your child in finding a book from our school library at anytime.

Books are checked out for 14 days and can be renewed after that. Children are given a 2 day grace period after the due date. After that, $.10 per day is assessed.

With the AR program, there is a website that will help your child find Accelerated Reader books from the public library or your personal library.  Quizzes, book levels, points, etc. are available at    In addition, there is also an online area of our Accelerated Reader program that allows parents to sign up to receive emails showing their child’s AR quiz results.

Literacy Skills Book Information

When selecting a literacy skills book, students should choose from the lower end of their range.  Literacy skills tests are based more on what a student is discerning about the book rather than facts only, as in Accelerated Reader tests.
Here are helpful lists to help your child choose a literacy skills book.

3rd – 4th grade levels
5th-8th grade levels



The Computer Connections classes at CCS are designed to enable students to become proficient in keyboarding and familiar with basic Microsoft® programs.  These classes begin in sixth grade and continue through eighth grade.

The use of the computer is essential to success in further education and in most careers.  A solid understanding of computer basics will be a life-skill that students can use throughout their lives.  In addition, reading (through the utilization of the Accelerated Reading program) and study skills are included in the Computer Connections curriculum.

Younger students begin use the classroom computer and other technology when taking AR quizzes.  Teachers are able to have a scheduled time in the computer lab once a week.



We believe that music is an integral part of a child’s education.  Research provides solid evidence that the study of music promotes intellectual development.  During the year each child will have the chance to experience music rhythmically and harmonically.

At times, the Music and Art Departments will work in conjunction with each other on certain projects to enhance the child’s exposure to the Fine Arts.  Students will get the chance to share their music with faculty, family, and friends during the year by way of an annual Christmas Program and Spring Program.  Some students may even get to take their music out to the community as a way to reach out to others and gain the experience of performance off campus.

The inclusion of music in the curriculum helps insure the child will receive a more well-rounded education.  As an added bonus, private instrument lessons are also offered.  Information regarding private instructions is available from the school office.

Foreign Languages


Beginning in the second half of first grade, our students enjoy learning Spanish. Every grade level is involved in regular Spanish instruction through eighth grade.

We also offer French as an elective for qualifying middle school students.

Extra-Curricular Activities


Extra-curricular activities provide an opportunity for young lives to develop teamwork, confidence, character, physical strength, and perseverance.  The desire to belong — so important at this age — can be positively directed through these activities in a way that benefits the student for years to come.  Christian character is often tested in the tension of an athletic event or even a spelling bee.  Conquering those challenges can be a real boost to future effectiveness.

The whole family can be involved as supporters  and boosters in these exciting activities.

Elementary Activities
Field Trips
Private Piano Instruction
Spelling Bee
Christmas Program
Spring Program
YDL Basketball

Junior High Activities
Field Trips
Spelling Bee
Student Government
Scholars’ Bowl
Private Piano Instruction
Christmas Program
Spring Program
8th grade Mission Trip

Junior High Athletics*
Track & Cross-Country
Cheerleading (Girls Only)

*Covenant Christian School is a member of the AHSAA.