The curriculum at Covenant Christian School is chosen specifically and carefully to provide a well-balanced, solid foundation in all core subjects, best suitable for each class.  Our teachers lead our students to see how the lesson at hand fits into the larger picture of God and His purpose for their lives.  We strive to challenge students to think beyond just memorizing facts in order to develop problem-solving skills for the future.  We utilize computers, interactive technology, and online resources to prepare our students to be on the cutting edge of influence and productivity. – READ MORE

K4 & K5

Our well-trained and experienced faculty is well-equipped to work with your child.  They demonstrate genuine love for each student and nurture each one to perform to his or her full potential. – READ MORE


Our elementary school (1st – 5th grades) has created its own unique place in educating young students in Mobile.  We provide an education that blends strong academic foundations with Biblical truths and values. – READ MORE

Middle / Junior High

Our junior high (6th – 8th grades) provides a quality academic program built on strong Biblical foundations. Students are challenged to think beyond just memorizing facts in order todevelop problem-solving skills for the future. – READ MORE

Additional Services

Covenant Christian School provides after-school care for K4/K5 children and 1st-5th grade children.  The class provides a hands-on learning opportunities in a relaxed environment.  The average number of children in the program is 8-12. – READ MORE