Ways To Support CCS

The programs listed here are ongoing and are able to give a little extra boost to the school’s budget, allowing us to purchase a few “extras” that would not normally be purchased.  To help, all it takes is minimal, yet consistent, participation on your part.  While one little thing may not seem like much, it all adds up to help improve the educational experience at CCS.  And remember!!  Clicking on the Amazon.com link below will help CCS earn up to 6% of your purchase!

Donations are accepted throughout the year.  With the generous donations of our parents, grandparents, friends, and corporate sponsors, we have installed air conditioning in our gym and also upgraded to LED lighting.  Our students and athletic teams are able to enjoy a wonderful soccer field.  The upgraded playground equipment has been a big hit with our younger students and the addition of and outdoor basketball court thrills our older students.  Additionally, awnings have been added between buildings so that our students can stay dry when it rains.  Future plans include continuing updates to the gym building, technology upgrades in the classrooms, and other campus beatification efforts.

Your support is greatly appreciated!

Make a Donation Today!
All donations are tax-deductible.


Shop on Amazon.com

Access Amazon.com’s website from the school’s website by using the links  provided and up to 6% of your total purchase is automatically sent to CCS!   Money earned through Amazon.com helps us provide extra classroom supplies for our teachers!

Thanks for shopping through our Amazon link!   This is an easy way to help CCS on a purchase you are making anyway.  Anyone can participate in this program — parents, family members, friends, and businesses.   All you have to do is access Amazon.com from this page using the listed link!

Magazine Subscriptions

CCS receives 40% of the cost of a subscription.  You can order from the convenience of your home at any time during the year by following a few simple instructions. Click on this link for instructions on how to order online.  Our school ID # is 2487296.

General Mill Boxtops

Our school is a long time participant in the  General Mills Box Tops for Education Program.  This is another easy way to raise extra notebookmoney for our school.  Our last turn-in resulted in over $1000 being donated to the school! Keep collecting those Boxtops!  Here’s how it works:
*Just clip box tops from participating products.
*Submit the box tops to your classroom teacher or to the school office.
*CCS receives 10 cents for each box top turned in.

We have an ongoing, year round, competition between classes to see which class can collect the most box tops.  Winners are announced quarterly and the winning class is awarded a no-uniform day.  Go to the General Mills Box Tops website for a complete list of participating products.  If you are an online shopper, register at www.boxtops4education.com and shop through their marketplace link.  The merchant will donate a percentage of your purchase directly to CCS!

Office Depot

Shop at Office Depot and mention our CCS ID# 70001711, the school will receive 5% credit that we can redeem for free classroom supplies.

Coca-Cola Rewards

Our front office is collecting items that are accepted by the Coca-Cola Rewards program! The items being collected are bottle caps from any Coke, Sprite, or Gatorade bottle (giving $0.05 / cap) and tabs located on the inside case of a 12 pack of Coke or Sprite (giving $0.15 / tab). If you have any of these items and would like to earn Covenant a little extra cash, please bring them in to the front office! We will use the extra funds to purchase some items that will benefit our students.

Reason for Rhythm

One of the many new, exciting things for Covenant Christian School is that we are beginning to participate in the grant writing process. What this means is that we will be petitioning and fundraising to receive some interesting, much needed, or additional educational items for the school.

Currently, we are using a site called “You Help” to ask for donations in order to purchase two automated external defibrillators (AED). In case of a medical emergency, these devices will be used to check heart rhythm and send an electric shock to the heart to restore normal rhythm. Since we currently do not have any AEDs on campus, we are asking for at least two: one to keep in the gymnasium for athletic events and one to keep in the office with our other medical supplies.

We are working towards raising $4,100 for this need. Any amount donated would be extremely helpful! Please follow this link to make a donation https://www.youhelp.com/reason-for-rhythm. We also encourage you to share this link with people you know so they can help us obtain AEDs to further campus safety measures for our students and parents.