Recently, we celebrated Veterans’ Day with a special assembly.  Veterans and active duty military personnel were invited to attend.  Our students expressed their appreciation to our Veterans with presentations and this video, created by our 8th graders.   Thanks go to our teachers, students, and parents for planning this wonderful time to honor those who serve our country so faithfully!


What Parents are Saying about the staff!

“Covenant School is a true testimony of your faithfulness and love to the Lord. It is such an honor and a blessing to have N. in your care. We truly appreciate all that you do for us!” EG

“Thank you so much for the Lord and for all your students. It surprised me greatly when Mr. Currie knew D.’s name when we started K4 here at the school, on the first day! It is so special to see the principal greeting the students every morning. Thanks so much.”

“Thank you for all the love and warmth you convey to all the CCS family.” RP

About the school!
“We are so thankful to be a part of CCS. The sign in the office says it all: Covenant School supports the family with Christian education. We see so many families who are on a school’s ‘treadmill.’ It seems different at Covenant. You and your staff really do support the students and their families with a challenging curriculum and a caring Christian environment. We love Covenant.” PC

“Thank you for your godly example with my sons. CCS helps fashion the character of them to become godly young men.” GS

“Thank you for the opportunity for G., B., and J. to attend CCS. What a tremendous year of growth for them academically and spiritually. Thank you for a solid, Christ-centered school.” LH

About chapel!
“The Lord works through you in chapel, in song, and in leadership. Our family is so thankful for Covenant School. HS

“It is a joy to see you praying for them on their birthdays. . . and we all love hearing the chapel lessons and music, too.” M&L R.

What Students Are Saying 

About the staff!
“In Mexico, how you talked with all of us, it showed you cared; and I really, really appreciate it!” SB (8th)

“I think you run an awesome school.” BH (4th)

“Thank you for helping me to excel in academics, athletics and leading a spiritual life.” CS (6th)

About chapel!
“You have taught us so much about God and our relationship with Him. May God continue to bless you.” S&ST (3rd & 6th)

“Thank you for teaching me so much about the Bible in chapel.” AG & BC (1st & K5)

About the school!
“I love being in jr. high. You run a very fine school!” SB (6th)

“Thank you so much for everything that you have done for everyone at CCS! I love being here and I will miss it soooo much! I love all of the teachers and staff here! Thanks again!” AM (8th)

What alumni are saying!|

Several of our former students were recently asked what they took with them when they left 8th grade and went to  high school.  Here are some comments from a few of the graduated 8th graders:

“When I came to Covenant, I was missing something.  Ever since being here at Covenant, I have learned who God really is, and I’ve left here a different person than I was before.   I’ve learned so much at Covenant and not just academically, but also spiritually.  I’ve gone through lots of things that will make me see people and everything else differently.”

“I will leave with a desire and passion for God’s word.  I have learned so many things from Mr. Currie about God’s love and forgiveness.  And from my teachers, I have learned patience by watching them go through every day.  I will leave with only positive thoughts in my heart and extreme gratitude for all those who made this school what it is today.”

“One thing I will leave at Covenant is my lack of not trying things when they are difficult.”